Book your event

Our calendar below shows you events that are currently booked at the hall. Once you’ve found an open time that you’d like to use, call us on 07901 133199 or scroll down to the form below the calendar to request a booking. If you require a specific date, see Bookings Notes below about the possibility that pre-existing bookings may be able to be moved from that date.

Bookings for the Main Hall are in blue on our calendar, the Committee Room bookings are in mustard.

Make a Booking

Use the form below to enquire about a specific date, we’ll come back to you to confirm that your booking has been accepted. Please note that a deposit will be required to ensure your booking.

Booking Notes

If you are looking to book the Hall between Friday and Sunday evenings and the calendar indicates that there are bookings at or during your preferred time, please contact the booking agent to discuss. Certain regular users may be able to vary the times of their bookings.

If you have catering, decoration or entertainment requirements, our booking agent, Claire Gregory may be able to provide the names of local businesses who will be able to help.

Hiring Agreements

Hiring Agreement (PDF)
This Agreement is for hirers to provide their booking and payment details. It should be signed and returned to the Booking Agent.

Conditions of Hire (PDF)
The Conditions of Hire sets out the contractual Conditions which govern the use of the Hall.

“Golden Rules” of Hiring (PDF)
The Golden Rules set out the ways in which hirers are expected to look after the Hall during and after use.